LED Miniature Alphanumeric Route Indicators (Stencil)

Signal House Ltd have a fully approved range for the LED Miniature Alphanumeric Route Indicator (Stencil).

The approval includes OFF indicators, CD/RA indicators and other bespoke indicators to display customer requirements within the required specification. The approval covers both single sided and double sided indicators.

The Signal House LED MARI combines the Signal House LED Illuminator¬†with fibre optic arms. The final product offers a hugely flexible indicator range, whether the requirement be for standard displays [“OFF” / “CD/RA”] or bespoke, location specific displays with no price difference.

Included in the product range is the CD/RA & Mini Banner signal. Offering the perfect solution to minimise platform indicator signals, by proving one solution for both the CD/RA function and the Miniature Banner signal. The signal comes offering the Banner on both the left and right sides of the display.

For more complex locations Signal House can offer both double sided and stacked units as required.

The high reliability and long life of these units makes them an excellent choice for all route indicator requirements especially for remote or inaccessible locations.

Product Data Sheets