Collis Engineering

Railway Signalling Specialists

Collis Engineering Ltd has existed since 1970, and specialises in mechanical and structural applications for railway signalling and other projects.

Our business is split in to 2 main areas:

  • Fabrication of points fittings and other infrastructure projects
  • Design and fabrication of railway signalling support structures (posts, cantilevers, gantries)

The Collis Engineering in-house design office offer a specialist service in the design and drawing of signalling superstructures and the production of superstructure calculations. Standard Network Rail documentation (Forms A and B) are always completed to accompany any superstructure design and fabrication work.

Our Technical Sales staff has vast experience of the railway industry in the UK. Their specialist knowledge means that even the most complex of problems can be overcome or most obscure of products can be identified and replicated. Please visit the reverse engineering page for more details.

Railway Signalling