Points Fittings & Infrastructure Components

Collis Engineering Ltd is a major manufacturer and supplier of points fittings and infrastructure components to the UK railway market.

The majority of these parts are provided to Network Rail via standard maintenance procurement methods and are identified using standard Network Rail catalogue numbers. Companies wishing to enquire for fittings for project or maintenance work are encouraged to contact us to discuss their requirements.

In addition to standard products that are manufactured in accordance with industry drawings, we can also offer a unique reverse engineering capability. The process usually involves a site visit by an experienced engineer and an assessment of the life expired product(s). With this information, location specific product drawings can be produced, and upon approval, the manufacturing process can begin. This is the ideal solution for old, bespoke sites, where the in-situ product was manufactured as ‘location specific’¬†resulting in there being no existing design.

Our range is extensive and too numerous to list here, however a list of parts is available upon request.