LED Colour Light Signal

The Signal House range of LED colour light signals is designed for use with multi-aspect signalling systems and is available in the full range of cases sizes to accommodate 1, 2, 3 or 4 individual aspects. For more information on the LED Colour Light Signal please download our data sheets below, or please contact us (pricing information is also available).

The Signal House main line LED colour light signal was designed and developed to look and act like a conventional filament lit colour light. The signal’s internal optical feedback system allows for a ‘first filament failure’ mimic to be triggered when necessary, thus resulting in the signal offering the ultimate preventative maintenance. Upon triggering the alarm, maintenance engineers will have between 3-6 months to undertake an aspect change, prior to the signal going black.

Purchase of LED Colour Lights for the Network Rail controlled infrastructure is via the terms and conditions of the Network Rail issued framework agreement for the supply of LED signal head materials (SYN02).

Benefits include:

  • Massive whole life cost benefit through high reliability and improved asset life. The minimum expected aspect life is 5 years.
  • Independently replaceable aspects meaning that replacement is only required for the aspect that has failed (and not any of the others). Aspects can be easily replaced within a 9 minute period.
  • Mimic of ‘first filament failure’ – the signal aspects will mimic a first filament failure when the optical output reaches a certain level. This gives a warning that the aspect requires replacement within a 3-6 month period. This removes any ‘guesswork’ in any aspect replacement programme.
  • Self Cleaning Lens’ reducing the requirement for maintenance cleaning.
  • Does not suffer from sunlight affecting performance (Phantom Aspects).
  • SIL 4 Safety Rating.


Pdf Product Data Sheets: