Signal Gantries

Signal gantries are used to span multiple track widths to give signals on each individual line (where necessary).

The Collis Engineering Ltd standard lightweight gantry utilises a twin column leg design supporting a double beam bridge section. It is supplied with a ladder at one end only complete with a ladder top safety gate, an adjustable ladder bottom bracket giving +/- 75mm of vertical adjustment, a signal ID plate and it’s associated bracketing. Structures conform to the latest Network Rail, HSE and HMRI standards. Structures are supplied in a hot-dip galvanised finish with all surfaces above and including the boom painted black in accordance with Network Rail specifications. Foundation bolts can be supplied as an option.

Gantries for use on electrified lines are supplied with dropper cages (painted black).

Our design package for gantries includes a specific Form A, a general arrangement drawing, structural calculations to a category 2 check and a separate specific Form B.

Signal Structure Extras

Our range of signal structures can be supplied with a list of ‘optional extras’. Such items include:

  • OLE meshing (on either side of platform or full cage)
  • Backboards for improved signal sighting
  • Indicator support frames
  • For indicators over colour lights
  • For position lights under colour lights
  • For position lights under indicators
  • To raise the height of colour lights
  • Ergonomic post option
  • Anti-vandal climb guards (and anti-vandal protection for signals)
  • Foundation bolts and foundation bolt template
  • Base box (for structures mounted on platforms)