Location Platforms

Collis Engineering Ltd is  a supplier of trackside location platforms for use on railways. Our platforms (typically for use with location cabinets and cases) are designed using a modular approach ensuring that the customer obtains the correct solution for their needs. The platforms can be delivered in a kit form and assembled on site using hand tools, eliminating the requirement for large on track plant.

Our standard single modules house a full size location cabinet (or half size) and are supplied with handrails fitted to the outside of the platform. Double and triple platforms are available for large cabinets or other usages.

Our platforms are suitable for installation on both piled and concrete foundations, and can be installed on up/down embankments. Recent projects have required us to install platforms in areas at a high risk of flooding, requiring a raised platform and suitable cable management, see pictures of our flood work at Hinksey.

All location platforms are supplied with a design package comprising Network Rail Forms A and B and loading calculations.

Installation is available on request from Collis Civil Engineering.

location platforms

Driver Walkways

In addition to providing embankment platforms, Collis Engineering Ltd can also design, manufacture and install driver walkways. Please contact us for details.