Hinged Lightweight Signal Post

Developed to limit the need to climb signal posts, the Hinged Lightweight Signal Post utilises an integrated spring mechanism to assist users in raising and lowering the structure to enable signal head maintenance.

The post is offered in 4 variants to maximise possible usage and ensure the most practical solution for the UK rail network. The variants have been designed to, where possible, mimic the range of traditional signal posts, with respect to signal positioning.

  • Lightweight Straight Post
  • Lightweight Offset Post
  • Heavy Duty Straight Post
  • Heavy duty Offset Post¬†

The structure has been designed to reduce the requirement for heavy on track plant. Foundations can be either concrete or piled solutions and cam be installed by a single team using hand held equipment.

All variants of the structure are fully Network Rail approved via a generic Form A/B submission and have been used extensively across the entire UK network, including in OLE and DC electrified areas.

The Collis Engineering Hinged Lightweight Signal Post provides the UK rail network with a completely maintenance free structure designed to last 35 years.

The post design is protected under a Registration of Design, No. 4024724, awarded by the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office.