LED Banner Retro-Fit Kit

  • Network Rail approved
  • Converts existing filament lit signals to LED equivalent
  • Installed in approximately 40 minutes
  • Uses the Signal House LED Illuminator
  • Trialled successfully at Waterloo Station
  • Approval for Signal House 1 OFF 2 ON Banner, 2 OFF 2 ON Banner.
  • Creates a Banner signal life extension of 5+ years

The Signal House LED Banner Retro-fit Kit is the latest product to utilise Signal Houses’ LED Illuminator. The kit allows the user to convert a traditional, pre existing halogen bulb lit banner signals to an LED equivalent. By removing the existing light boxes, the illuminator can utilise the Fibre optic leads to create an LED Banner signal for a fraction of the cost of a new signal.

Practised engineers are capable of completing the retro-fit in approximately 30 minutes.
The LED Illuminator creates the low cost, maintenance free advantages that are associated with LED technology, and extends the life of the banner signal by an additional 5 years.

  • Signal House Kit Part Number SHRK-BAN-312
  • Kit uses a specially designed 55 Watt Illuminator to mirror 55 Watt Halogen bulb it is replacing Cat Number—0086/001349
  • The installation process is considered a signal maintenance function
  • A Signed off Network Rail SMTH procedure exists—TI-WSX001
  • Additional Banner configurations in development


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