Signal Posts

Signal posts, or any signal structure, have two primary functions:

  • To hold the signal (based on red aspect) in the correct position relative to the track
  • To allow safe access to the signal for maintenance purposes

Signal Posts

Collis Engineering Ltd signal posts are based on 3 main sizes of platform; 912mm, 1262mm and 1500mm. Other platform sizes may be used when circumstances dictate.
Superstructure design calculations and drawings along with Form A and Form B documentation are available as part of our design package.

The standard post is supplied complete with a ladder top safety chain, an adjustable ladder bottom bracket giving a +/- 75mm vertical adjustment, a signal ID plate and its associated bracketing. All structures conform to the latest NR, HSE and HMRI standards. Foundation bolts are available as an option.

Collis Engineering Ltd also offers an ‘ergonomic’ signal post whereby the signal head is placed on a stool on the platform. This means the maintainer can maintain the signal from an ergonomically friendly position. Please contact us for more details.

Signal Posts required for OLE areas, are designed and supplied with the required OLE meshing.