LED Banner Repeater Signal

Following the approval of main line LED colour light signals, Signal House Ltd has now gained approval for the LED Banner Repeater Signal. Like the LED main line colour light signals, the Banner Repeater Signals will be supplied under the terms and conditions of the Network Rail Synergy Contract SYN02 for UK use. The signal is available in a 2 State form.The Signal display is visible up to 250m and utilises cool white LED’s.

The Banner Repeater Signal utilises the revolutionary technology of the LED illuminator – an LED replacement for standard quartz halogen lamps. The LED illuminator gives the maintainer significant long life benefits when compared with standard illumination, furthermore the illuminator is a changeable item, therefore, once an in-situ illuminator reaches the end of its working life, it can be replaced without the need for an entire new signal head. The changing of an illuminator takes less than 15 minutes.