Fibre Optic Route Indicators

Signal House Ltd has a traditional market in the manufacture of route indicators. The principle is simple, a single light source is distributed via a series of light guides to display an indication (or aspect) to the train driver. Multi-aspect indicators are available by using multiple light sources and light guides.BR1651/1 Standard Route Indicator (Theatre) 86/001259 Theatre route indicators are capable of displaying up to 10 single character indications. Each standard indicator conforms to category 2 visibility requirements (350m standard daytime, 210m standard night time).Double width indicators are available for when double character legends are required. Alternatively, reduced character sizes can be used in a standard housing.

BR1651/2 Miniature Route Indicator (Stencil) 86/001258 Stencil route indicators are capable of displaying a maximum of 4 aspects (each aspect having a maximum of 3 characters). Each standard indicator conforms to category 3 visibility requirements (125m standard daytime, 100m standard night time).

Stencil indicators are also available in different sized housings; either to accommodate larger indications (such as OFF UP or OFF DN) or smaller to fit in to particularly inaccessible locations.

BR1651/3 Banner Repeater Signal 86/001260 Banner repeater signals are used to provide an advanced indication of the aspect of a main signal not yet visible to the train driver. The banner signal uses two independent light sources with a split light box to ensure the correct indication is maintained during lamp failure.

BR1651/4 Fibre Optic Position Light Signals (PLS) Position light signals are used to convey information to the train driver during low speed train movements. The Signal House version of the PLS utilises fibre-optic technology and is available as the following units:

  • 86/001262 2 red 2 white lights
  • 86/001266 2 white lights
  • 86/001267 2 red lights
  • 86/001268 2 yellow 2 white lights